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Security Services

Hasten Security Services provides dependable, backgrounded cleared guards and a variety of services.

  • Armed/Unarmed Guards

  • Physical Security Protection

  • Patrol Services

  • Access Control and Badging

  • Emergency Responses and Active Shooter Training

  • Operational and Monitoring Services

Investigative Services

During the last decade, there have been a lot of questions regarding the “soundness of mind” in all aspects of our lives. Our private investigators have decades of experience in handling difficult investigations.  A private investigator is, by far, the greatest tool to be used in the field of investigations and the competency of the private investigator is equally important.

Hasten Investigations Services provides a variety of criminal and civil investigations. We have a support staff that was worked with the FBI, State Police and local agencies. Our team has many decades of experience in law enforcement and investigations and can support your needs. ​

  • Exert Witness

  • Fraud Investigative Support

  • Financial Investigative Support

  • Federal/State Investigative Support

  • Criminal Investigation Support

  • Civil Investigation Support

  • Civil Process Support

  • Truthfulness (polygraph) Support

  • Traffic Investigation Support

  • Insurance Fraud Support

  • Political/Business Support

  • Computer Investigative Support

Polygraph Testing

Hasten Polygraph Services has the expertise of a retired Captain from the West Virginia State Police, who is a certified polygraph examiner since 2002. We are licensed in the state of West Virginia to administer all types of polygraph examinations (Pre-employment, Administrative/Internal, and Criminal Investigation) and possess the knowledge and understanding of the judicial system. We have over a decade of experience working with prosecutors, who have relied on our specific polygraph results.

During the last decade, there have been a lot of questions regarding the soundness of the uses of the polygraph. Polygraph has assisted everyone in ways that could not be described in a few short words. The polygraph instrument is, by far, the greatest scientific tool to be used in the field of forensic psychophysiology. The competency of the polygraph examiner is important to the polygraph instrument's usefulness as a scientific instrument.​​​​​​

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